Order and manage public transport subscriptions 🚌

Product 1 min read , January 7, 2021

At Mbrella, we’re centralizing the mobility ecosystem into one mobility hub. A hub where HR can manage every possible mobility benefit. Because a company car alone does no longer do it anymore.

Crucial in that hub is public transport subscriptions. As of now, you can order and manage public transport subscriptions via Mbrella. All of this via a third-party payer system.

It’s radically faster than any public transport tool you used to work with. Activate subscriptions in 4 clicks.

Don’t take our word for it. See it yourself here 👇

Request your third party agreement in a breeze
4 clicks. That’s what it takes to request a third party agreement with a public transport company via Mbrella. The third party system makes it possible for an employee to order a subscription while the invoice is directly sent to the employer

Pretty fast, eh?

Then relax. Employees order subscriptions themselves in Mbrella
You’re no longer a middle man in charge of ordering subscriptions

Stay on top of subscriptions
Get an overview of all subscriptions in your company and their costs. Never forget to remove ex-employees. That’s all done automatically

Your advantages

✅ Up to 26% cheaper than separately purchased subscriptions
✅ Employees order subscriptions themselves in Mbrella. Less workload for you
✅ Receive 1 monthly invoice. Avoid any reimbursement administration

Get going via our FAQs here