Summer release roundup: mobility analytics, free collection of tools & resources, admin management, 3 pillar breakdown & more

Product 2 min read , August 30, 2022

Big feature drop 🍬 One of our favourite things to do is writing new release notes. This one in particular has a lot of cool stuff we are sure you will like.

Mobility analytics πŸ“ˆ
To measure is to know, right? Track your company's mobility consumption with our Mobility analytics. View what your employees are spending the most on. Detect evolution over time. Filter across categories, partners & statuses. Now at your fingertips. Take it for a spin on your Home page.

Mobility budget reporting

Free collection of tools & resources πŸ’‘
Setting up a legal mobility budget can seem daunting and complex. Without guidance, you're most likely to get lost in the process. Understanding the mobility budget is where it all starts. In our new knowledge hub, we centralize all tools and resources to boost your mobility plan. Find the answer to everything you wondered about. In crystal clear materials. Have a look at the new module in your side bar: Tools & Resources.

Free mobility budget resources

Mobility budget 3 pillars breakdown πŸ“Š
Stay on top of your spending habits with a breakdown of the 3 pillars in your mobility budget. Whether you like to keep a close eye on what you spend each month, or simply want a quick overview of your total expenses throughout the year, the 3 pillars breakdown shows how you spend across the 3 pillars.
Pillar 3 provides you with the cash (after taxes) you'll receive at the end of the year. Sweet!

Mobility budget 3 pillars breakdown

Add an admin sidekick πŸ‘«
HR admins can add or delete employees, send mobility data to payroll,...
You can now add new admins by promoting an existing user or by creating a new one from scratch. Perfect to delegate tasks to a sidekick or ensure continuity when you're absent. Go to Settings > Admins.

Mobility budget admins

Download a list of budgets per year πŸ“₯
A classic end-of-year request is to download a list of all mobility budgets in your company. Useful for reporting or tracking promotions. Want to compare budgets to last year? Select another year. Easy. Head over to Employees > Export.

Mobility budget download per year

Go fast with our home page πŸ’¨
Cut through the noise. Our quick links point you to the things that matter most. Expenses that need a review, a payroll export that is waiting to be sent,... Kind of sounds like a digital personal assistant, huh?

Mbrella home page

Download your Acerta-compatible payroll file πŸ“₯
Acerta customers are in for a treat! If you're using Acerta Connect Pro, you can now download your payroll file in Mbrella and upload it directly to Connect Pro. It will be imported directly into your payroll engine, with all the right amounts and pay codes. Time saver βœ… Read more in this FAQ article.

Mbrella integration with Acerta

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