written by
Elien Verheye

5 reasons you should bike to work

mobiliteitsbudget 2 min read , March 22, 2023

Today, a quarter of Flemish employees cycle to work, and at Mbrella we are in the front seat to boost that number even more. Sustainable mobility is the future, and there are a whole lot more reasons to skip the car and jump on your bike.

There’s a lot of reasons to bike to work, but we’ve got 5 for you.

1. Boost your mental health

79% of Flemish employees regularly experience stress at work and no less than 29% of workers are at risk of burnout. Figures we cannot ignore. Cycling has more than once shown to have positive physiological effects on stress and depression. After all, your body produces endorphins, making cycling an ideal outlet after a busy day at work. Besides, you can park your bike almost anywhere. So goodbye parking stress, especially if you work in the city.

2. Biking to work and health go hand-in-hand

It doesn’t come as a surprise if we tell you cycling gives your fitness a big boost. If you don't have time to exercise, taking the bike to work is the ideal solution. It is a way of exercise you can easily integrate into your daily schedule. Moreover, you burn up to 750 calories per hour, depending on your weight, your speed and the type of bike you race to work on.

3. Bye, bye traffic jams

We’ve all been there: getting into your car and all of a sudden everyone seems to leave for work. Awful. Frustrating. If you bike to work, you no longer waste time and drive to work with a big smile. Especially on small distances, you often get where you need to be faster as a cyclist. Bicycle traffic is also more predictable, which allows you to better estimate when you need to leave at the latest.

4. Sustainable transport

Want to do your bit for a more sustainable world? Then your bike is the way to go. When cycling, your CO2 emissions when you bike to work are ten times lower than going to work by car! This way, you contribute to cleaner and healthier air. In addition, as a cyclist, you inhale less harmful exhaust fumes, because you’re not stuck in traffic jams.

5. Save money

Last, but not least, cycling is cheaper. If you choose to drive, costs quickly add up. Think about insurance, maintenance and while filling up, you almost do not dare to look at the ever-rising fuel prices. Last but not least, a lot of companies give you a higher allowance from your employer if you come by bike, which is part of the mobility budget and amounts to a maximum of 27 cents per kilometer and is mandatory from 1 May. Win-win!

In short: the bike is good for your health, the environment and your wallet.

Curious to hear more about the mobility budget and how Mbrella helps you with it? Talk to our sales! 👇🏼