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Jeroen Beuls

Mobility newsletter October 2023

Mobility Newsletter 1 min read , November 2, 2023

What's new in mobility? At the start of each month, we share the latest news related to mobility.

In the news 📰

Walloon hospitals, universities, colleges and art colleges can apply for a grant to purchase and install bicycle parking facilities. 100 per cent of the expenditure can be subsidised. The Secteur Public Wallonie is making a total of three million euros available for this project. Interested parties can still apply until 10 November. Source / application

4.3 million motorists were fined for speeding on Flemish roads last year. This is 1.1 million more compared to 2021. The road safety campaign "If you drive too fast, you see less" aims to address this issue. The campaign highlights the fact that your field of vision is narrowed when driving too fast. Which increases the risk of a (fatal) accident. Source

Mobility facts 🧮

Half of Belgian e-step users say they regularly ride around with more than one person on an e-step. Although this was prohibited from 1 July 2022. This percentage is also higher compared to the European average of 38 per cent. 61 per cent of e-step users also occasionally ride on the footpath, even though this is equally prohibited. Source

Did you know❓

From 25 March 2024, the European Sleeper night train from Brussels-Berlin will continue to Prague. This will connect four capital cities Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague. The entire route takes 15.30 hours. Source