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Jeroen Beuls

Mobility newsletter June 2023

Mobility Newsletter 1 min read , July 6, 2023

What's new in mobility? At the start of each month, we share the latest news related to mobility.

In the news 📰

GAS officers may fine motorists and motorcyclists for violations on bicycle streets from next year. Bike streets, bicycle zones since 1 April, are zones where the maximum speed is limited to 30 kilometres per hour and where cars and motorbikes are not allowed to overtake cyclists there. Mainly this last rule is often violated, it is hoped with this new regulation, to strengthen enforcement and improve road safety. Source

The Walloon Region and the non-profit association Tous à Pied invite organisations, administrations and others to take part in the Piéton Awards 2023. Any project or initiative carried out with a view to improving the comfort, safety, flow and/or life of pedestrians in general has a chance of winning a Piéton Award. In this way, Wallonia wants to put the pedestrian more centrally in the picture. A professional jury will ultimately decide which projects win and receive extra attention. Source

Mobility facts 🧮

In Flanders, the car remains the main means of commuting for 6 in 10 workers. 22 per cent of Flemish workers prefer to cycle to work. The average distance we are willing to cycle has also doubled in ten years from 4 to 8 kilometres. The rise of the electric bike has a strong influence on this. Source

Regardless of the above, congestion continues to rise in Flanders. May 2023 clocked in at an average of 1078 kilometres.hour. This means there was an average of 1078 kilometres of traffic jams for one hour in Flanders. This makes May 2023 the busiest May month ever. Overall, it is even the third busiest month across all months and years. Source

Did you know❓

In 2022, for the first time, the bicycle had a larger share than the car in commuting in Antwerp. 36% of Antwerp residents took the car to go to work, and 40% took the bike. Source

Dutch public transport company Arriva, wants to run a train between Groningen and Paris, with stops in Antwerp and Brussels. Arriva hopes to launch the train link in June 2026. Source

Brussels Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt announces a test phase for diagonal pedestrian crossings. These crossings are advantageous because they allow pedestrians to make their crossing in one go. For some seconds, all traffic lights for cars turn red and pedestrians are allowed to cross from all directions. Source