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Jeroen Beuls

Mobility newsletter May 2024

Mobility Newsletter 1 min read , June 6, 2024

What's new in mobility? At the start of each month, we share the latest news related to mobility.

In the news 📰

The Supreme Health Council wants a ban on night flights between 11pm and 7am. This is to reduce noise pollution for local residents. Night flights disturb sleep which can lead to sleep problems, stress and consequently cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, the existing noise pollution standards should also become stricter so that they meet the predetermined WHO standards. Source

The Walloon Region and the non-profit association Tous à Pied invite cities and towns to apply for the Pedestrian City 2024 label. The cities must demonstrate on several criteria why they are the pedestrian city of 2024. Any project or initiative carried out with a view to improving the comfort, safety, flow and/or life of pedestrians in general is important in this respect. An expert jury will announce which municipality has won during Mobility Week in September. Source

Mobility facts 🧮

Brussels-based public transport company STIB has announced its annual report. This shows that the public transport company carried 11 per cent more passengers in 2023 compared to 2022. This annual report also disclosed that 40 kilometres of additional tram tracks will be built out by 2035, on the one hand, and that the entire fleet will have to run electrically, on the other. Source

Did you know❓

From 2025, teachers will be able to use their end-of-year bonus to lease a bicycle. It will be financially more interesting to lease a bicycle with the end-of-year bonus than to purchase it with the salary obtained. This is because the leasing is done with the amount before taxes and social security.Source

Motorised vehicles sold from 7 July 2024 will warn the driver when the speed limit is not observed. This warning can be in several ways: audible, haptic (accelerator pedal gives more resistance and/or a vibration of the accelerator pedal) or self-regulating (automatic deceleration of the car). The driver can choose the warning way himself. Source