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Here to stay, Mbrella Pay

Mbrella News 1 min read , February 21, 2023

The payment card for all your employees' mobility services.

Meal vouchers, but for mobility

Mbrella Pay is a prepaid card you use for any European mobility service. Taxi, train or scooter? You name it, Mbrella Pay has it. Your employees pay for their ride with SNCB/NMBS, Uber, Lime or Poppy directly with their card, without having to worry about reimbursement. Say goodbye to submitting crumpled mobility tickets.

Nothing but advantages for HR and employees

Your biggest win? Time. For you and your employees. Because they no longer have to submit that stack of tickets and travel cards separately to you. This way, you no longer have to approve them manually, because you decide which mobility solutions are paid for with the card. Better still, you no longer have to reimburse them individually either.

Next to that, you give your employees extra flexibility, as they choose their own flexible mobility, commuting options.

Fully up to date with the mobility budget

Mobility is always on the move. Literally and figuratively. At Mbrella, we are the first to know when legislation regarding mobility budgets changes. The new legislation is applied automatically and additional features are displayed directly in your Mobility Hub.

Ready, set, go!

Activate Mbrella Pay in your Mobility Hub and order your cards. You then decide what monthly mobility budget your employees will receive and put money on the cards. Make changes? You can, and very easily. As HR manager or fleet manager, you (de)activate new cards, pause them and change the PIN via the Mobility Hub at all times.

Wondering how Mbrella Pay can make your life and that of your colleagues easier? Then contact our Mobility Experts, they will be happy to help you on your way.

Note from Stripe

Cards are issued by Stripe Technology Europe Limited, an electronic money institution authorized by the Central Bank of Ireland (firm reference number: C187865). Cards are issued under the Visa card scheme pursuant to a license from Visa Europe Limited.

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