Flexible mobility, a necessity in today’s work landscape

Mobility Budget 2 min read , October 5, 2021

The world changes at a staggering pace. Technologies that were revolutionary ten years ago are already obsolete today. Similarly, the way we work and think about work has undergone a serious transformation. And that’s where the mobility budget comes into the picture.

Now that (part-time) remote work has become permanent for many employees, the company car has lost its shine. A personal car is no longer the desirable bonus it once was. City dwellers, remote workers, those without a driver’s licence (a growing group), or those who simply don’t qualify for a company car need other solutions to make productive and fulfilling work possible.

The mobility budget
Working from home is here to stay, employers must look for an alternative to the company car

1. Flexibility, a necessity

When it comes to mobility today, flexibility is not just desirable but essential. The company car as a one-size-fits-all solution is obsolete. The alternative of a train ticket is no longer adequate either. Employees need change. Based on a multitude of factors: client visits, remote work, the weather, irregular hours, … The mobility budget allows employees to create the perfect solution for their situation every single day by means of a whole host of mobility options. All without wasting any money on the modes of transport that aren’t being used.

2. Attracting talent in a competitive market

For employers, the mobility budget is an increasingly effective way to attract and retain talented employees: the benefits offered by the mobility budget are a major bonus on top of wages. Instead of a company car, employees get access to a monthly budget expendable on greener cars, bicycles, shared mobility services, and even rent or mortgage interest. A major boon.

Importantly, flexible mobility is also an attainable fringe benefit for SMEs, who often don’t have the buying power to make company car leasing viable. The mobility budget offers the ideal legal framework to make flexible mobility a reality and to attract the talent you need. Even as a small enterprise.

3. Solutions for those without a company car

Today, the legal mobility budget framework is only available as an alternative to the company car. But nothing stops employers from offering other employees better flexible mobility within the same philosophy. The Mbrella platform makes it possible to combine both systems effortlessly within your company.

4. Embracing sustainability

It’s clear beyond a doubt that the way we have all been moving for decades has harmed the environment. The result: wet summers, snowless winters, extreme droughts and heat waves, flooding, … Companies of all sizes and in every industry have a responsibility to take collective action – something that will only help them future-proof their own operations. Add to that the fact that the mobility budget is cost-neutral compared to company cars for employers, and the switch should be a no-brainer.

5. Easier than you think

It may seem like implementing a mobility budget is complicated or costly, but in reality it isn’t. The Mbrella platform allows you to effortlessly combine hundreds of mobility options and lets every employee manage their own mobility budget with ease. If the many options or the implications for your company account still intimidate you, we are more than happy to help you create and implement the perfect solution. Let’s have a chat to start your journey towards flexible mobility.

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