A day of Brussels' traffic jam terror

Stories 1 min read , January 6, 2021
Brussels on January 30, 2020

I took this picture in Brussels on January 30.

It was one of the better traffic jams that terrorized the city. Cars didn't move an inch, everywhere I heard loud honking, the stench of exhaust fumes made me cover my mouth and everyone inside a car was looking either desperate or furious. I didn't see a single happy face.

This is not sustainable. This is not an environment you want to live, nor work in.

Now sure, the pandemic aftermath will lead to flexible working hours and a higher occurrence of homeworking. But that won't be enough. Let's not look at a virus to help us get rid of our mobility crisis. We need real initiatives.

In 2020, Brussels confirmed to introduce a km tax. After they already added 40km of extra bike lanes.

Those are great steps to a brighter future.

But as long as company cars continue to be the only worthy option in a company's mobility plan, I'll have to continue taking pictures like these.

That's why at Mbrella, we give everything we have to make company mobility plans as flexible and sustainable as possible.